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Protecting Your Digital Rights in Paris

Digital law is an essential field given the expansion of communication technologies and the rapid increase in online presence. As an economic hub, it’s logical that Paris is a center of expertise in digital law.

Droit du numérique Paris

Comprehending digital law

Digital law encompasses a set of legal rules governing activities related to information and communication technologies. This field covers various aspects such as personal data protection, IT contracts, cybercrime, and e-commerce. Among these many aspects, domain names hold a significant place in managing the online presence of a business or brand.

What is a domain name ?

A domain name is a unique address that identifies a website on the Internet. It consists of a prefix (www), followed by a proper name, and then an extension (.fr, .com, .org, etc.). Each domain name is assigned by a management organization, called a registrar, and must be regularly renewed. Owning a suitable domain name is essential to ensure the visibility of a business or brand on the Internet.

The importance of a domain name lawyer

The choice, management, and protection of a domain name require specific legal expertise. Indeed, domain name-related issues can have significant economic and legal consequences for companies. The law firm, practicing domain names in Paris, advises you on the strategy to adopt and assists you in all associated legal procedures.

Activities of the firm in domain names

  • Consultation regarding the choice and reservation of domain names: The firm helps you choose a domain name suitable for your activity and verifies its availability. It can also guide you towards the best extensions to prioritize. The firm manages your portfolio of domain names.
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts: The firm intervenes in the drafting of contracts related to the exploitation of domain names, including domain name transfers.
  • Resolution of domain name disputes: The firm assists you in case of disputes concerning the use or ownership of a domain name. It ensures that your rights are protected. These procedures can be extra-judicial or judicial. In the former case, they are quick procedures (UDRP, Syrelli). In the latter case, it mainly involves proceedings before judicial courts. These procedures mainly aim to obtain the assignment of fraudulently exploited domain names.
  • Implementation of domain name protection strategies: The firm advises and implements strategies to anticipate potential disputes related to domain names. This includes setting up monitoring systems.