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Literary and artistic property

avocat propriété intellectuelle paris

Literary and artistic property - Neighbouring rights

Your intellectual property lawyer’s firm in Paris assists you with:

  • drafting, reviewing, and negotiating your assignment, publishing, and licensing agreements;
  • defending your rights, through formal notices, counterfeit seizures, actions before the Judicial Tribunal, or criminal complaints.

Preserving intellectual assets is at the core of the firm’s activities.

Protecting such assets requires:

  • upstream protection, by establishing a tailored protection strategy for the relevant creation and its exploitation issues (consultation, advice);
  • downstream protection, by deploying a legal arsenal against counterfeiting, unfair competition, and commercial free-riding (counterfeit seizures, urgent proceedings, judicial actions).

Dynamic in nature, intellectual assets are also subject to agreements that can be drafted, reviewed, and negotiated by the firm (license agreements, assignment agreements, etc.).

The firm, lawyer in copyright law in Paris, also intervenes and advises in all sectors related to creation, such as fashion, luxury, applied arts, furniture, architecture, design, cinema, music, software, video games, publishing, etc.

Discover also the other expertise that the firm offers with its expertise in digital law in Paris (

Industrial Property (trademarks, designs and models, patents, trade secrets)

The firm assists you with:

  • verifying the availability of your trademark or design;
  • filing your trademark or design;
  • monitoring your trademark or design;
  • defending your rights (including your trademarks and designs), through formal notices, opposition procedures before the Offices, counterfeit seizures, or actions before the Judicial courts;
  • drafting, reviewing, and negotiating your assignment, publishing, or licensing agreements, as well as your coexistence agreements.

Since intangible assets are a concern for all creators and companies, it is essential to be supported in their protection.

The firm conducts clearance searches in France and internationally (if necessary, in collaboration with local correspondents), both on verbal proposals and projected visuals.

The searches carried out by the firm are thus intended either for entrepreneurs and companies directly, or for naming and branding agencies that they collaborate with.

The firm assists you in all your French, Benelux, and European Union trademark filings. The firm also coordinates your international filings with its local correspondents.

Whether concerning trademarks or designs and models, the firm intervenes to manage the related portfolios and defend them against any infringement: opposition, nullity, and forfeiture procedures before the INPI and EUIPO, judicial proceedings in counterfeiting, unfair competition, and commercial free-riding (counterfeit seizures, urgent proceedings, judicial actions).

More detailed information on the services offered by the firm as a trademark lawyer in Paris can be found by following this link:

avocat propriété intellectuelle paris