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Avocat droit d’auteur Paris

Copyright law organizes, within the artistic world, the rules applicable to works. This notion encompasses several aspects, ranging from the protection of works to the management of related contracts. The firm, practicing in intellectual property law in Paris, summarizes the main aspects of this theme.

Foundations of copyright law

Copyright law is organized by the Intellectual Property Code, which aims to protect original works of the mind, imbued with the personality of their author. Copyright regulates artistic creation in all its forms (literature, music, visual arts, cinema, software…).

The holder of copyright in the work is granted two types of rights:

  • Economic rights: they allow the author to manage their work and notably to earn income from the use of their work (sale, performance, distribution…);
  • Moral rights: the author chooses when to disclose their creation and has the right to assert their status as author, as well as to ensure that their work is not distorted.


Limitations of copyright

However, there are certain exceptions to the monopoly conferred by copyright. Thus, free uses may be allowed, particularly in the following cases:

  • Parodies;
  • Short quotations;
  • Use for informational purposes.
avocat droit d'auteur paris
avocat droit d'auteur paris

Protecting artworks and artistic projects

A major concern for creators is to protect their works against the risks of infringement.

While the protection of a work under copyright law is without formalities – meaning it is automatic, there are several solutions to facilitate this protection, including the Soleau envelope: this system with the INPI (Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle) allows an author to establish a certain date for the creation of their work and thus, to establish proof of its priority.

Specifics of copyright contracts

Contracts relating to copyright are a central element in the management of works. They concern the assignment or licensing of the author’s rights and define the conditions for their exploitation. Beyond clauses such as duration, remuneration, and geographical scope, they must include various provisions concerning:

  1. The exclusivity or non-exclusivity of exploitation;
  2. The scope of the rights granted: adaptation, distribution…


Drafting contracts relating to copyright can be complex, so it is recommended to seek the assistance of a copyright lawyer in Paris to ensure compliance with legal standards.


The role of a copyright lawyer

The firm, practicing in copyright law in Paris, assists creators in their efforts related to the protection and management of their works. It intervenes notably in:

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts (assignment, license…);
  • Providing advice on protection strategies (Soleau envelope, customs surveillance…);
  • Representation in copyright-related disputes.


Thus, turning to the firm, a copyright lawyer in Paris, allows for the securing of artistic projects while benefiting from personalized legal support.

avocat droit d'auteur paris